Going to atik's house Part 1

wah..this weekend yg sgt seronok coz i'm going to Jitra..atik house. ok lar..story dia mula2 time aku tulis dlm facebook..' atik i want to meet u'..b4 she going to perak. Time tu atik tgh cuti sem. so dia rep8..that..ya..why not..she want to pickup me at my kolej on dis saturday..coz she dari her grandpa and grandma house at Mata Ayer..jd..ok lar. and suddenly..adik atik yg last ..names didi..not very well..and famili atik decide nak balik pg2 sabtu tu juga around 3pm in the conclusion is..i must going to Jitra by myself'm ok.!!! coz i know little bit procedure how to go there. the morning..around 10 o'clock..i'm already take my bath and packing all my i'm call the Pak Cik Ayob ( driver taxi ) that i known from i semester one.he are very kind to me and other my friend.So time dah naik taxi tu..pakcik Ayob tanya mana i nak p'g semua..and i told him that i want going to Jitra..but i'm want to stop to Changlun..b'coz aku nak naik bus dari changlun ke Jitra.So pakcik Ayob ckp..ada 4 org the same college with me pun dia nak p'g why not kalau x naik sama..lg sng and jimat..hahahha. so aku pun agree lah...and suddenly i saw a suitable classmate..ziera && apiz.. them ask me ..where i'm going..&& i told them..i wanna go to jitra..and time tu tibe2 Apiz && zira decide nak p'g sana pula..mereka juz planned nak p'g Kangar jer..but bus Mara Liner dah go together with my classmate..go to Changlun by Pakcik Ayob taxi and stop dkt tmpt tunggu bus ke Jitra.

so sementara tunggu bus tu..kitaorg decide nak ambil breakfast kteorg order 3 roti canai,2 milo ais..and for me..teh ais limau. sedab OKe! lepastu kita org mkn cpt2 cox takot sampai pula bus tu..and alhamdulillah..bus tu kita org perasan dari jauh and terus p'g byr mknan yg kitaorg mkn td. wah..kenyang. ;)

So nak confirm kan btl ker x bus ni ke jitra..kitaorg pun tanya kakak tu..and ya..bus ni ke Jitra..and aku terus mesej atik.told her that i arrived to jtra now.
so...i sit jux only me && cute couple..of coursed sit together. feewwittttt..jeles ok ! hahahaha...

so ..i text atik ..ckp yg aku dah naik bus semua..and dkt mana semua..and tibe jer dkt stesen bus jitra..em dlm 10 minit mcm tu..atik dtg pickup ..waaaaa...rindunyer...dah sebulan x jumpa. huhuhu.. hug and kiss semua. huhuhu. jgn slh sangka ok..not lesbo. hehehe. and atik told me that dia nak p'g buat treatment rambut dkt 'KYLIE'. dgrnyer ada treatment kitaorg terus p'g that shop..but...little disoppointed coz treatment tu juz hari ahad untill friday. kesian's ok dear...u can do next time ok kami pun balik lar..

atik plan with her bf want to bring me hangout to Alor lagi.melompat lar aku..hahaha.

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