MAC is a SUCKS MONTH in my life

OMG ! i cant really believed that i'm crying 5 days berturut turut dlm seminggu ni.... ouh no!! it's hard to control my feeling. btw tQ to Amir for really understand of my situations.
i love you lah !!! ;DD

erm i did't know..why my friend are always talk bad behind me?? dei...x puas hati ckp nak bermuka muka..stop it lah ! ada aku kesah?? hahahha..oh men..what happen to me?? where are you aifa?? why u must be always crying if something happen to you !??## stop it aifa.

u are more special from others!!! yeay ! i'm sprit now!

mamamamamama...pappapapapa... ;(((((((

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