wah..btw i'm dah lama x updated blog..maklum lar..kelas pun dah sana bz sini. jd im sOrry. Erm berita baik dah ada broadband..jd no matter lar.. sng nak cari artikel utk assignment..o9 Facebook+myspace hari2 and yg paling kena sentiasa updated selalu lar..agr dpt tarik ramai reader. ceh ! hehehe.

btw..first of all i would like to wish my FIRST SISTER...Congratulation for ur wedding. Hope both of u Happily Ever && after. and more important is...i wanna be aunt ok ! ASAP !!!!!!! hahahahaha. ;pp
ni picture ambil time my sister weeding..

Welcome guys to my family .. i hope our relationship forever && ever k. Chill !


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